Designer Dupes!!!

Umm… How does one come back from such an extensive hiatus (unannounced at that)??? Well, just jump back on in duh!

Lately I’ve been on the hunt for inexpensive high quality items. I know, can’t have my cake and eat it too right? WHY NOT?! I’m not yet at that point in life where I can shell out $1,950 for the Chloe Faye bag, which I loveeeeeeeeeee. Naturally the first thing to do is to go down the totem pole until I reach a bag that I can afford but won’t kill my pockets. Or I can find the next best thing for small fraction of the original price. So, lets jump right into this.

Coach just released a new line of bags, lately their designs have been of a more modern, refined & simplistic style, which I adore. My amazing hubby bought me the metallic swagger bag for my birthday and I have been enjoying this bag thoroughly. However there is another bag from their more recent line that I’ve been watching which is the ACE satchel 28 in suede priced at $695. Pictured below.


I found a strikingly similar bag being sold at urban outfitters called the Ecote Fern Suede Tote Bag priced at $74. Can you say #steal?!


The next bag is one that I neither love nor dislike, it’s just a bag. A very expensive bag might I add. It’s the Balenciaga Classic Silver City priced at $1,835.


The dupe I found is also being sold at urbanoutfitters, the bag is called the Silence + Noise Zip-Front Moto Hobo Bag regularly priced at $69 but currently on sale for $59.


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#PlannerLife – Fly Leaf Hack!

Welcome back! & if this is your first time visiting check out my day 1 post *here* 🙂

For day 2, I will be doing a planner hack & who doesn’t enjoy a good hack?! So, here goes —> For those of us in the planner world a fly leaf is almost like a planner staple. It either protects that beautiful  dashboard or serves as a dashboard itself. I personally think it gives the planner a nice clean look when you open it up. Most planners come with one, mine did not. I looked into purchasing one but refused to pay more than a dollar for a piece of plastic! #collegestudentonabudgethere! On one of my trips to dollar tree while looking for some planner goodies I saw great potential to create some out of this cute little folder, all for a buck.


  • One plastic folder, identical or similar to the one pictured
  • self-healing mat (not needed if using scissors)
  • rotary blade, exacto knife or scissors
  • washable marker
  • single hole puncher

*NOTE* I had originally planned to use the exacto knife to cut the plastic since I’ve done this before but I went the rotary blade instead and the results were far better.

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My Franklin Cover Planner!

So, let’s get into it!

Here’s a walk through of my planner walk through :

 Details – I have a Franklin Covey compact sized planner. It’s called the Compact 365 Ring-bound Undated Planner – Polka Dot. The planner is listed for 14.95, I paid about $5 for shipping. The planner comes with it’s own inserts, undated calenders for each month with a week on two pages layout following. CreativePlanner has a great video walk through on the planner and it’s inserts, *here*. I use about 40% of the inserts that came with the planner. Truthfully speaking, though I still have not came up with system that works flawlessly for me but I am one step closer than I was before & it’s about progress at the end of the day, right? Right.

My planner currently consists of four sections; home, focus, dates & calender, and personal. I would like to add a section for blogging as well as school. I want to create most, if not all, of the inserts for these sections so I’m spending sometime researching and finding out what will work for me and what won’t. Okay, so let’s get to it!  

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My New Travel Companion – Aztec Print Mini Crossbody

GUESS WHOSE GEARING UP FOR VACATION……… THIS CHICK! And I am sooo excited. I seriously need a break from school and all of life’s other responsibilities that seem to keep me on my toes when I’d rather be face flat in my pillow. OH MY GOODNESS!! So, last years vacation I don’t know why I assumed I could go without a purse. Okay, I do know. It was mainly because since I double as a mom and a student all of my bags are quite large and I wanted something small to carry around with me and since I didn’t have something small, I brought nothing at all. I know, genuis right? Well, of course I cannot let that be the story of my life forever, so this year I buckled down and made myself a bag, smaller enough to easily throw over my shoulder and yet big enough to fit my essentials (lipstick, credit card, phone, etc.). In making this bag I was really inspired by my kipling bags. I really like how they have so many compartments so that everything isn’t just thrown into one section. For that reason in making this I tried to include quite a few compartments, Ready? Okay! *cheerleader voice* 🙂

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Confession: I ENJOY SHOPPING AT THRIFT STORES! There’s something overly exciting about finding something someone no longer wanted but at the same turn didn’t want to throw away and breathing new life into it. It’s like a black hole of endless possibilities where all things go. In a recent trip to goodwill I stumbled upon this beauty  

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Organization for Wellness of My Soul!


wazzup, wazzup, WAZZZZUPPPPP! Anyone on here ever watch Martin? Yea, you know.. Us 25 year olds… But I do love that tag line 🙂 Okay, moving right along. SO currently my sewing station doubles as my child’s play area, our home library & my mom’s devotion area. Totally living the life over here. In this ‘multipurpose’ room, so to speak, my daughter & I share two bookshelves, the top half for my books and the bottom half for her toys/books. Well, I’ve recently learned that as a child grows so does the collection of their stuff :/…. Now my top half is particularly non-existent and an entire row of my books must find a new home. Insert wooden crates. I bought the larger one at Joann’s. It’s priced for $12.99, I paid about 10 bucks for it. The smaller crate is priced at $6.99, I bought it for about 4 bucks with a 40% off coupon. *Joann’s coupons are everything!* I bought an ocean blue sample paint at Home Depo for a little over a dollar and a lilac colored chalk paint from Joann’s, again for about 4 bucks with my coupon, and wala! Customized bookcases, here I come!

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Ode to Beauty

Beauty isn’t chic deep. In fact it isn’t deep at all. It’s a state of being, a moment in time. It’s the breeze almost too roughly kissing your hair. It’s the never ending hand on the clock that silently reminds you of the fact that no matter how horrible your last two minutes were life does in fact go on. Beauty is inspiration, it’s preservation, it’s redemption, it’s faith. Beauty was never in the eye of the beholder but rather in the compassion of their soul. Beauty is not fashion, it’s not makeup, it’s not skyscrapers. Beauty is not a fantasy. It’s a real life thing. Beauty is you at worst because no matter how bad it look there is always potential to take that moment and use it as inspiration as you head for your best. Beauty is poetry. It’s the never ending story that waves tell every time they cross a shoreline or rays of color that bless the sky right before sunrise. Beauty is imperfection. Beauty cannot be tested, because it will never fail. Beauty is Love and Love is Beauty.

– God Bless

Taken from my new site

Mini Makeup Organizer – DIY Tutorial!

 Mini Makeup Organizer – DIY Tutorial!


My first DIY tutorial!! * woohoo 🙂 do the happy dance * 🙂

I currently have a place in the bathroom where I store ALL my makeup but as horrible as it sounds some mornings I’m just too lazy to rummage through my drawers looking for the basic essentials. Yeah, it’s that bad. #judgefreezone. So what usually happening is my essentials end up sprawled across my dresser and then as a creature of habit I go to the bathroom the next morning looking for them :/ no fun. So, I made this little organizer for my dresser top. It is for season essentials only. This would also make a great pen holder. Here goes! Continue reading

Who You Are

Then you will know the truth, and the truth will make you free.

– New Living Translation

Truth is: God’s image of you is far greater than the one you have of yourself, far greater than the one the world is trying to impose on you. I encourage you to get to know him, because he literally DIED for a chance to know you.

My #quiltasyougo Experiment!


About 2 months ago I can across the quilt as you go method on this really cool blog I follow (mommybydaycrafterbynight). It’s obviously very popular and has been so for a few years now. Needless to say I am quite late on this. For those unfamiliar with it (which if you are a sewer is HIGHLY unlikely) you basically come up with a stack of fabrics that complement each other, cut them up and sew them together piece by piece as you would a quilt. I originally planned to do the entire bag this was way but; A) I was running out of fabric, B) I had no idea how time consuming Continue reading